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    Neighbor Knows Best

    July 14, 2015

    About 20 years ago David was out at a customer’s house for a water analysis. Believe you me, the water testing has improved greatly in the last 20 years adding a variety of testing which enhances the accuracy and education of the analysis but, even 20 years ago it was a very educational experience.

    When he arrived at the customer’s house the customers, we’ll call them Bob and Mary, had a neighbor with him, who we’ll call Tom. Both Bob and Mary, along with their neighbor Tom had purchased their houses at the same time, when construction in the area was brand new. Both of their houses were built by the same contractor, using the same techniques, same appliances, fixtures and etc. Heck, they probably shared the same cement truck to put the driveways in.

    Now, Bob, Mary, and Tom were all interested in the results and information provided by the water testing. They participated and paid attention and after some deliberations Bob and Mary made a decision to improve their water quality and asked for information about equipment, while Tom remained somewhat skeptical. Bob and Mary have been customers for over 20 years now, just doing simple routine maintenance on the quality equipment they had installed.

    Fast forward several years and our little town started to have trade shows and home improvement shows, Bob and Tom who have remained friends and neighbors enjoy that type of venue and every year, it seems, we see them at the local home improvement shows. For about the first 5 or so years it was all Tom could do to keep from giggling at his friend Bob when they happened upon our booth. Tom felt like he made a better decision by not spending the money those years back. After about 10 years though, things drastically changed.

    Now it was Bob who started giggling when they stopped by our booth every year now. He would ask his neighbor “Tom, How many dishwashers have you put in your house now?” or “Tom, are you on your third or fourth hot water heater now?” You see, Bob still had the original dishwasher, hot water heater, clothes washer, and refrigerator that came with their houses. The same appliances that Tom had replaced several times over. It took nearly 17 years, 4 hot water heaters, 2 refrigerators, 2 washing machines, and 3 dishwashers for Tom to finally admit that his skepticism was misplaced.

    Bob and Mary made a great decision. It saved them the aggravation of replacing all those appliances over the years, and they got to enjoy better tasting, cleaner water for all that time.

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