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    First Impressions

    April 15, 2015

    In early 2010 my wife and I took our then 1 year old son on his first trip out of state. We were flying to my brother’s home in Texas for some needed relaxation and a change of scenery during spring break from my second year in college. As you can imagine it was a long day of travel with an infant, but I must say he pulled through like a champ, not a whimper or a tear the entire flight. We arrived in Texas after nightfall and to my brother’s house around 9pm, put the baby down for the night,  and I unpacked while my wife showered.

    9She finished up and it was my turn to wash the days travel off. While taking that shower I was struck by how smooth and slick my skin felt after just a minute or two. At this point in my life  I had a 1 year old with another on the way, so I was familiar with the feel of baby lotions and baby oil, and all I could figure was that somehow the soaps he had used baby oil in them. After my shower I mentioned it to my wife and she agreed, the shower was great and did feel different than at home, but said “It’s the same soap we have at home so that can’t be it”.

    I went downstairs to my brother and asked him “What’s going on with your shower, are you having baby oil injected into your water or something?” He chuckled and told me if I liked the shower I should go and get a glass of water. So I did just that. I went into the kitchen, got a glass out of the cabinet and headed to the refrigerator for some water.

    Upon hearing the fridge water going he said “No, no. Get a drink of water from the tap.”

    Now I’ve lived in southwest Florida for more than 20 years so my next question seemed natural enough to me .”Wait, you drink your tap water?” I was somewhat dumbfounded. The water at home is not something anyone I know will go out of their way to drink, let alone invite a guest to sample as a quality beverage. I suddenly recalled a number of times my big brother said “No, just taste it, trust me!” as a child.

    “Yeah, get some tap water to drink and tell me what you think” he replied.

    So I went to the tap to get a drink and low and behold it was, well, it was delicious! It was great. It was better than the $9 bottle of water I had purchased at the airport to be sure. I had to find out how this was possible. “Wow, how is your water that good, and still what about the baby oil?”

    “There’s no baby oil.” he assured me.

    Blog trust me - Impressions postTaking me into his garage and showing me the RainSoft system he had installed by professionals, he told me how he had talked with someone in a big-box retail store and they sent a water technician to his house to do an analysis for them. Never having heard of RainSoft before I was curious and asked a lot of questions. It turned out that RainSoft had been making water treatment equipment since 1953, right here in America. Once they found out about the lifetime warranty, well they have been using RainSoft conditioned water ever since. Every time I had a drink or took a shower for the rest of our trip I understood why.

    Less than a week after we arrived home in Florida I was working for our local RainSoft distributor, Charlotte County Water, RainSoft. As I figured it, anything that could make that much of an impression on me had to be worth doing. When I found out the company was internationally recognized and had been in business for 30 years here I was reassured that it was a company I could be proud to work for long into the future.

    Have your water analysis done. See it, feel it, and taste for yourself, the difference RainSoft conditioned water can make.

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