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    What is the CleanStart

    CleanStart is an innovative, eco-friendly laundry solution designed to save you money and provide the cleanest, freshest laundry you’ve ever experienced!

    Designed and engineered for the home, CleanStart utilizes the same commercial cleaning technology found in larger systems we’ve provided to clients such as Hilton and Marriott for their laundry operations.


    Here’s how it works.

    CleanStart transforms cold water into a powerful cleaning agent by oxidizing normal tap water, injecting a controlled amount of ozone into the wash water.

    Ozone is nature’s safest, strongest oxidant and most effective disinfecting agent. After the ozone oxidizes and disinfects, it reverts to oxygen leaving behind nothing but cleaner, fresher laundry

    Benefits of CleanStart

    Energy Savings
    Only cold water is required, eliminating the energy required to heat the wash water.

    Detergent Savings
    The  disinfecting and cleaning power of the CleanStart® system greatly reduces and often eliminates the need for laundry detergent, softeners and bleach. (Pre-treating  of  stubborn stains is recommended.)

    Environmentally Responsible
    By eliminating hot water and detergents, your using  less  energy  and  no  longer  dumping thousands  of  gallons  of soaps  and  toxic bleach into the environment.

    No Chemical Irritation
    Eliminates common skin irritation caused by harsh cleaning detergents and disinfection products – great for infants and those with sensitive skin.

    Longer Lasting Clothes
    Fabric life is extended by not using chemicals that cause fabrics to break down.

    Extra Cleaning
    The rinse cycle becomes a second, powerful cleaning cycle.

    Low Operating Cost
    Consumes less electricity than a 40 watt light bulb.

    CleanStart is compatible with all makes and models of washing machines – top loaders, front loaders, and high efficiency models.

    To find out how you can get a 14 day free trial of a CLEANSTART system in your home request an appointment from one of our trained technicians.

    EC5 Water Conditioner


    Water conditioners transform hard water into soft water through a process called ion exchange. Investing in one will allow you to say goodbye to a multitude of hard water problems in your home, such as stubborn and unsightly residues on bathroom surfaces, stiff clothing fibers, scale buildup inside water-using appliances, and visible spotting on your silverware, glasses, and dishes. Ideally, you want a water conditioner that is outfitted with advanced features, and designed to provide year after year of reliable performance.

    Since 1953, RainSoft has developed some of the finest water conditioning equipment in the world. Our newest model – the EC5 Series – is a next-generation water conditioner that capitalizes on the power of Wi-Fi technology. Using the RainSoft REMIND® app, which is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, you can monitor salt levels, receive service notifications, review system settings, and even schedule a time to have maintenance performed by Charlotte County RainSoft.


    Easy-to-read digital display
    The EC5 Series water conditioner has a six-line liquid crystal display that provides easy-to-read system data on demand.

    Immediate touch response
    Push any button to wake up the display and retrieve any awaiting messages or instructions.

    Automatic power outage recovery
    If the power goes out during regeneration, the EC5 Series will automatically complete the interrupted regeneration cycle once power is restored so that soft water immediately becomes available.

    Energy-efficient operation
    Because the system utilizes DC (direct current) power, it requires less electricity than water softeners from other manufacturers that all use AC (alternating current) power.

    Proportional regeneration cycles
    The regeneration cycles that this water conditioner performs are calibrated to actual water usage inside the home. This helps to conserve salt, water, electricity, and money.

    Injection molded enclosures*
    Precisely designed injection molded enclosures help to protect internal system components against the elements.

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