• Commercial Products



    Series CS HF Commercial Water Softeners

    RainSoft Series CS HF automatic water softeners are designed for Commercial and Industrial applications. These rugged systems can provide unlimited soft water at flow rates up to 250 gallons per minute on a single system and harness removal capacities from 450,000 single system to 3,600,000 grains on a quad system. Soft water saves your establishment money everyday. It helps decrease energy costs and gives linger life and efficiency to water using equipment while saving on detergents and chemicals used in your business.






    Series CF HF Commercial Water Filters

    RainSoft Series CF HF automatic water softeners are designed to reduce a variety of contaminants found in your water. From unsightly stains to bad tasting water, RainSoft has the treatment system to improve the quality of the products and services you provide.








  • Water Tips

    RainSoft treated water has a removal rate of 97% for harmful V.O.C contaminants which can be EXTREMELY harmful to pregnant or nursing mothers.