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    The WSQ water softener provides an abundant supply of softened water throughout your home.


    Unique Control Valve
    Sophisticated microprocessor with simple set-it-and-forget-it controls provides exceptional reliability and convenience.

    Automatic Bypass During Regeneration
    You won’t be without water during the regeneration process.

    Softening Resin
    Provides years of soft water service for you and your family

    How the WSQ Water Softener Works

    Step 1: Water enters your home and into the WSQ’s softening tank.

    Step 2: The water is softened as it passes through the softening resin.

    Step 3: Once softened, the water leaves the softening tank and is delivered throughout your home.

    At metered intervals, the unit begins a regeneration process that restores and rejuvenates the softening resin. Using salt as a regenerant, the retained hardness ions are flushed out of the system and down the drain. The unit then prepares itself for the next conditioning cycle.

    Other Benefits

    Plastic enclosure fits tightly to protect control components from external elements.

    The brine tank is equipped with overflow protection

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  • Water Tips

    RainSoft treated water has a removal rate of 97% for harmful V.O.C contaminants which can be EXTREMELY harmful to pregnant or nursing mothers.