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Chemical Feeder / Used in Multiple Applications



Used in Multiple Applications


A RainSoft Chemical Feeder can be used in a wide variety of applications. It injects sodium carbonate (soda ash) or sodium hydroxide (caustic) to raise the pH in acidic water. It also injects chlorine for the oxidation of hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen peroxide for the oxidation of iron and hydrogen sulfide.

Chemical Feeder Features

Quick and Easy Serviceability
Practical modular design saves valuable servicing time. All major feeder components are secured by stainless steel locking rivets, allowing the units to be disassembled quickly without tools. This also makes adding capacity a snap.

Less Down Time
The peristalic pumping action eliminates down time from loss of prime caused by gaseous solutions or troublesome degassing valves. Rather than relying on diaphragms or foot valves, the feeder creates a peristatic flow with rotating rollers that compress and dilate the pumping tube. Hydrogen peroxide can be pumped without concern of vapor lock.

Easy Maintenance Tube
Simple periodic tube replacement minimizes down time and maintenance costs. All that’s required is setting the tube in place and allowing it to thread itself into position.

Dependable Mechanical Control
The patented control mechanism allows the pump’s output to be scaled from 5% to 100% with the simple turn of a dial.

High-Pressure Handling
The first high-pressure peristatic metering pump that operates reliably and consistently against pressure up to 100 PSI.

Safe and Versatile
Chemicals such as undiluted muriatic acid and chlorine can be pumped without harm to the system since they are metered without exposure to air or to moving mechanical parts.

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