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Ultrefiner Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System



RainSoft’s most versatile drinking water system. Customized to deliver the best drinking and cooking water possible.

RainSoft R.O. = The Ultimate Drinking Water Solution.

Now you have an even greater choice when it comes to selecting the finest drinking water system available for your family.

RainSoft reverse osmosis drinking water systems combine high efficiency along with your choice of pre-filter, post-filter, and system capacity. We can help you choose the system that is best for your local water conditions.

How the Ultrefiner System Work

Step 1: Water from the inlet valve enters the system.

Step 2: Water is forced through the pre-filter cartridge that reduces particles, and polishes the water prior to entering the reverse osmosis membrane.

Step 3: Water then enters the reverse osmosis cartridge where it is filtered through a spiral wound, semi-permeable membrane.

Step 4: The resulting highly filtered water enters a storage tank.

Step 5: Your reverse osmosis water is finally filtered through the system post-filter and dispensed through a dedicated drinking water faucet.

The Ultrefiner Delivers Superior Filtration

The Ultrefiner system uses reverse osmosis technology to filter extremely small particles, particles that can easily slip through a less sophisticated filter.

System Features

  • Modular design makes changing the filters simple.
  • No need to drain the storage tank when changing filters, thanks to the convenient shut-off valve.
  • The dual positioning storage tank can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.
  • The system incorporates a reversible, self-cleaning drain restrictor and easy fast-flush device.
  • Choice of pre-filters and post-filters take care of almost any water concern.
  • Produces very low sodium “ingredient quality” water for drinking and cooking.
  • Installed with a RainSoft UltreTap Faucet, contamination due to possible back siphoning is eliminated.

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