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How to Go Green with Water

Water is the building block of everything we eat and our very survival. Fresh water only makes up 3% of the total water on the earth. Almost 69% of water is locked away in icecaps and glaciers. With fresh water so scarce, it is more important now then ever before that we take steps to Go Green.

Going green not only means reducing water pollution and reducing electricity usage, it also means Green methods of water conditioning that will not artificially alter our water or cause more pollution to our limited fresh water supply.

While the consensus is that, overall, tap water is better than bottled water for you and the environment,there are some concerns. Older houses and apartment buildings may have lead plumbing which can contaminate your water via pipes, solder, and old brass fittings. There is also a growing concern about low levels of antibiotics from agriculture and people disposing of medication down the toilet.

Benefits of a Home with the Centurion Environmentally Friendly Water Filtration System

Dissolved minerals in hard water which enter your home form a scale which makes water heaters and other water-using appliances work harder than necessary. A RainSoft Centurion Whole House Multi-Media Filtration System conditions the water as soon as it enters your home and delivers treated water throughout the entire house.

How Does the RainSoft Centurion Go Green with Water?

Knowing how limited our water is and how much we impact the environment in the creation and transportation of bottled water, what if we could purify our water from the tap, the very tap that comes to us through an energy-efficient infrastructure?

The RainSoft Centurion offers you an all natural method of water filtration that will help to condition your water, with out a negative impact on our environment.

The RainSoft Centurion uses a revolutionary process that eliminates the nasty effects of hard water, without the harsh impact to the environment. The RainSoft Centurion wastes no water and does not discharge harmful salt brine into our limited fresh water supply. This technology allows for the conditioning of your water without the

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